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April 27, 2016

The Best Part of My Year {Did you grab THIS freebie?}

Here's another project that my students completed last week.  We spent time writing down our favorite units of the year and creating an ice cream sundae to stick it all together.  I wanted to have these sundaes up to show parents for Open House, there's something special about all their favorite memories in one place.


These 6 scoops of ice cream became our favorites of Writing, Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and an Art Project.  The kids first wrote, then colored their sundaes, then cut it out before gluing onto their favorite color of construction paper.  I love how they personalized their ice cream - they really are their favorites.  :)

FREEBIE: The Best Part of My Year {Ice Cream Sundae Open H

Head over to TPT to download it.  It's the same thing from last year, just sharing again in case you didn't know me back then.  :)  Hope this helps someone!  

April 26, 2016

Figurative Language Flowers

Has your room went Figurative Language CRAZY??!  It's like spring hit and the kids are picking up on Figurative Language everywhere.  I LOVE it!  To celebrate spring, or maybe just Figurative Language, or maybe just another Open House project... we made a Figurative Language bulletin board.  The top has our CA poppies (which each petal has examples of Hyperbole, Alliteration, Simile, and Personification), and then on the bottom the kids created their Literal Idiom Art.  Oh - that just capitalized on their silliness these days.  The flowers are just a big template that I give my students that they trace onto orange construction paper and cut out (I use file folders to create the template).  After writing, they fold the petals forward to make them POP from the wall.  The idiom art came from The Peanut Gallery.  I glue them 4 per piece of construction paper and then cut the green edge to form grass that also pops off the wall.  It's the little things people...  

What are you doing to have fun with Figurative Language these days? Hope this helped someone!  

April 25, 2016

Reflective Science Project

I love having my kids think about everything we've learned this year.  For Social Studies that means we create our California Pillows and write everything we've learned on them.  For Math, we tackle a clock and use the hour and minute hands to show our favorites, for Reading we make the kites... I've never created an art project for Science though.  

Please still be my friend with that confession.

I don't know why, but it didn't happen in past years.  This year I gave them a piece of blue construction paper, paper plate, and a sharpie and told them to get to work...

They traced the paper plate onto the blue paper to form a circle.  They took green and white paint to create Earth from a space view. We used Qtips to paint with since I still don't have a sink in the portable and tempera with paint brushes just makes a gigantic mess  we only had 2 colors..  No cutting was allowed though until after it dried.  Then on the paper plate we divided it into 3 sections for the 3 areas of science we have learned this year.  The kids brainstormed what we have learned (and I wrote it on the board).  They came up with more stuff after I snapped a picture... but that covered the basics.

Once their paint was dry, they cut out the circles, and we stapled them on top of the paper plates to hide their writing.  Super easy but I love the impact that it has brought into our classroom.  There's something special about reflecting on what we learned this year.  Another project done for Open House!

Hope this helps someone!