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October 2, 2015

Five for Friday

This week has been nuts... absolutely nuts.  Two weeks until the end of the trimester, there were so many things to wrap up...

...and then this happened.  My youngest had a croup attack the other night which caused us to pull out the nebulizer.  It's a yearly thing - every fall and winter we have the humidifier and this going almost every night.  Anything to fight the attacks!  He's scared of it when he's awake, so at night I do the pass over.  It works though and I usually get a chance to sit and watch a show on Netflix. :) #littlethings

We are finishing up our Native Californian and Island of the Blue Dolphins units. This week we finished up our 5 paragraph informational booklets on our specific tribes. Today we read the chapter in Island that describes her visiting the cave with the drawings from her ancestors... so our Friday art project was to create our own Native American Symbol Drawings.  Using google images, the kids told their own story through pictures.  They then had to share the stories with each other.  So much fun!  

With the end of September it was also time to change desks.  We change them around on the last day of every month.  We are now sitting in this arrangement.  Basically one row that wraps around, no one sitting in front of someone else which lets this teacher be able to see everyone very clearly.  There is also a lot of floor space which helps with all the group work that we complete.  LOVE this arrangement!

Another thing that we completed on Wednesday was our Monthly Grammar Coloring Sheet.  Overall, the kids did a great job! #proudteacher


Hope you had a great week! 

September 28, 2015

2 Truths and a Lie

Today my class played the game 2 Truths and a Lie during reading... using our NOVEL!  How novel is that?  We are in the midst of Island of the Blue Dolphins - have almost reached the middle.  It was a moment that I knew would happen, we needed to get out of our desks and review the story from a vertical, moving position.  So I passed out index cards and had my students write 2 true facts from the story and one lie. They tried to be sneaky and mix up the lie vs. the truths.  Don't worry, they didn't fool me! :)   They had everything under the sun from chapters 1-13.  Then they handed them in.  

I wrote Truth and Lie on opposite ends of the whiteboard for students to move to either one side of the room or another.  Then I started reading one sentence from each card.  Oh, the kids had fun moving back and forth across the classroom.  Each sentence was followed up by a "voluntold" being asked WHY they knew it was the correct answer.    

We LOVED playing this game!  What other games do you play during reading?   

September 15, 2015

California Social Studies Websites

I'm sure you can relate... you have your "Go To" websites that you rely upon every year when it's time to have your students research.  I wanted to share mine.  :)  

Maybe you visit the same ones, maybe there are different ones...  This little 4 page PDF freebie I just added to my California History Bundle to help teachers and students with their research.  Go redownload, or just click any images on this post to grab it for yourself.    

Regions, Native Californians, Explorers, Missions, and Gold Rush... it's basically our full year!  So thankful for these sites that make it so easy for my students who are just learning how to find information via the internet.  

The PDF has the websites in 2 formats - both a which will help if you are having the kids type them into the search bar themselves, and/or the main website itself in case you want to know where they are supposed to end up.  I hope it helps!

Research can be fun!  My class has finished our Region reports, and today started researching our Native California Tribe!  Between the websites, my Native Tribe Reading Passages, and some library books we will be busy bees.  Never a dull moment in my classroom.  :)

Hope you had a great day!